We Provide Strategic Brand Remembrance

Serving  metro Atlanta and the state of Georgia since 1998, we are a promotional products company that creates advertising to remember.  We work with premier Suppliers, and are dedicated to providing you with top quality promotional products to help ensure the success of your business. Our products can assist in putting your name in front of your current and future clients.   No matter what your budget is, we have a solution for you!

What's the value in Promotional Products?


Promotional products give you the most BANG for your buck when it comes to your advertising needs. Getting your information in the hands of potential customers is what it's all about, and nothing does the job better than promotional products.   When your client sees your name on the promotion, they remember you and your service.

Did you know that 7 out of 10 people receiving a promotional product at a trade show can recall the name of the company that gave them the product!  That's a 70% retention rate, but that's not half of the story.  If your promotion is Re-usable, then your name is seen over and over again; dramatically increasing market exposure.  We make it easy to help you get the maximum effectiveness out of your promotion.  We will take the time to find out what will and what will not work for your company to maximize your return on investment.  We have over 15 years of industry experience and the knowledge to assist you in order to make your promotion a success.  From Pens to Polos, we will make your image sparkle.  


Let us help you achieve Strategic Brand Remembrance! 

Why are Promotional Products so great for advertising?
They promote image and brand awareness. They also can be a valuable tool for introducing or reinforcing marketing of products and services. Promotional Products are great for generating sales leads, for example at trade shows or corporate events.

Before we place an order, an art proof will be sent for approval.  This will be a virtual sample at actual imprint size in the actual print color or colors.  Please print the design and either fax back the proof or e-mail us with your approval.  We will not begin production until we receive written art approval.  Once the art has been approved we will go into production.  Cancellation or changes to the artwork after approval will result in additional fees.  Please be aware that once the order is printed we will not accept returns without prior written approval.  Returns will only be considered if the supplier deems the materials are defective.  We will print the art approved so please check the spelling of names, addresses and phone numbers carefully.  Once the items have been printed we cannot re-use them as they will have your custom imprint on them.  Thank you for your understanding.